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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  September 20, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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right now history is being made. here is a live look at havana, cuba, where pope francis is celebrating mass this morning. we will come back this to picture in just a moment, but first a special message from pope francis to philadelphia. >> see you in philadelphia. >> he may be in cuba right now, but pope francis is excited about coming to our city. in south philly today, it's game day, and the eagles getting ready to take on the divisional rivals, the cowboys. a cold front is moving in and it's going to be picture perfect
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football weather. this is nbc "nbc10 news today," and i am rosemary connors. let's get to our forecast with meteorologist, brittney shipp. couldn't ask for a better day in terms of the weather when it comes to the home opener. >> yeah, temperatures staying in the mid to high 70s, and cooler than what we saw yesterday, and less humidity and a few clouds in the poconos right now, and we will continue to see plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we're also starting to see our wind speeds picking up a bit, and temperatures in philadelphia at 69 degrees, and 65 in pottstown, and 73 in wildwood, and 73 degrees in atlantic city, and our wind direction moving in from the north and gusting up to 22 miles per hour in millville and wilmington, up to 20 miles per hour in allentown and the poconos, and we'll keep the breezy conditions going and by 2:00 p.m., 77 degrees, and 5:00 p.m., 78, and beautiful conditions for the game.
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happening right now, pope francis is celebrating mass this sunday morning in havana, cuba. here is a live look at revolution plaza where the mass is just beginning. thousands of people are gathered there and they will certainly be paying particular attention to the pope's haupl aly coming up. yesterday pope francis talked about the normalization of relations between cuba and the u.s. over these past few months and he says that it has given him hope. with less than a week to go, excitement is building for the pope's visit here over the weekend, and last night the world meeting of families released his message to the city. take a listen. >> i look forward to greeting the pilgrims and the people of philadelphia when i come for the world meeting for families. i will be there.
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because you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> of course traffic, as we have been talking about for months now, will be impacted by the pope's visit. consider yourself warned. tonight it's move it or lose it if you park in some parts at center city, and if you park in the section highlighted here in green, your car or truck will be towed. this is the secure zone, and this is the area where you cannot park or you are not going to see your car for a few days. jesse gary is live in fairmount this morning, and he has more on the parking restrictions. >> reporter: rosemary, that's right, for the past several days these signs have been posted up on trees and lamp poles and sign posts, and warning moving day is coming and that starts tonight
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at 6:00, and a mass migration and it's where many are headed that is causing additional headaches. >> when you live on the parkway, enough is enough. this is a beautiful thing to happen, but you are taking our lives. >> reporter: he has been on a mission this morning while walking her dog, ms. maggi. she lives beyond the so-called security box and she worries residents living within the box with a car will park on her street and block her in, so she will go to the shore. >> i am going to atlantic city and stay there for the entire week. >> reporter: you are just getting out? >> i have no choice. >> reporter: there were signs warning that a mass migration of vehicles would be needed and this is when it will be enforced, at 6:00 this evening,
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and people who have purchased exemption placards, and crew members constructing the stage and speaker and monitors are not exempt. >> i wanted to move my car because you told me i should move my car and i definitely don't want to get towed. >> reporter: you think you will be back by 6:00, but what if you are not? you will get towed? >> yeah, you never know, and you are talking about the parting authority. >> she says the plan is inconvenience and has detracted from the mission. >> it's supposed to be free and come and people are scalping tickets and it's not right. >> reporter: right or wrong, all of the cars will have to be out of here at 6:00 this evening unless you have the exemption
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placard on your dashboard and that will buy you time until thursday, and then everybody out. >> good information. thanks, jesse. if you are looking for an alternative way to get around the city and the best advice, t tricy septa. several events today to mark the world meeting of families, and coming today, there will be a mass at 10:30 this morning and then a family picnic at 11:45. the university is planning more events throughout the week. we have everything you need to know about pope francis' visit and it's all on our app or website and just click on "preparing for the pope" section and there's an article titled
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"everything you need to know." there where it is, from parking to what can you bring to the events along the ben franklin parkway. it's game day. the home opener, the eagles taking on the cowboys this afternoon. the fans, just what they needed to get them in the spirit before this afternoon's division battle with the dallas cowboys. taking another look inside lincoln financial field. all looks good in there. kickoff at 4:25. nbc 10 is your official tv station for the philadelphia eagles, so be sure and join us before and after the game for exclusive coverage. you can watch game day kickoff, that's our special this morning at 10:00.
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you will hear from zach ertz, and one of their biggest fans, u.s. soccer star, carli lloyd. super low gas prices. where we found gas well below 2 bucks a gallon. remembering jackie collins. we'll take a look at the life of the romance novelist who few people knew had breast cancer.
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i am first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp. our wind speeds are going to be gusting throughout today up to about 20 to 25 miles per hour. there's a live look at cape may. it was a foggy start and now you can see the sun starting to peek through. we will see more sunshine and 69
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degrees. wind speeds sustained out of the north at 21 miles per hour, and our humidity continues to drop, and four straight days of summer-like heat, and now dropping from 85 to 77 degrees, and tracking cooler weather on the way coming up in our 7-day forecast. nasa released this new video showing an up-close look at pluto this weekend. hundreds of images sent back to nasa by the new horizon spacecraft, and the researchers are using photos to map craters and pluto's largest moon. hollywood glamor and racy romance, those were specialties of jackie collins that died yesterday in los angeles you are looking at jackie collins on the left here with her sister, actress joan collins. she had an early acting career before turning to writing. some countries banned her first
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novel because of the sexual subject matter. collins went on to write more than two dozen "new york times" best sellers and jackie died of breast cancer and was 77 years old. donald trump finally addresses his latest controversy and talks about the obama muslim question. plus, why he says he is in competition with the pope. >> i'm really struggling, and what can i do? >> the piece of advice 76ers' star moses malone once gave to teammate, charles barkley, that brought humor to his funeral this weekend. you will hear it next.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. >> this is pope francis celebrating mass in havana, cuba, at revolution square. an estimated 100,000 people are gathered here right now to listen to pope francis, truly a historic moment for the country.
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the pope arrived yesterday and did not waste time talking about the relations between the u.s. and cuba and the progress made over the last year, and he backed their reconciliation and said it was time for hope and peace, and he is supposed to meet with raul castro and possibly fidel, castro. his first stop in the united states is washington. in other news this morning, moses malone, the man at the center of the 76ers last championship was laid to rest this weekend. funeral services were held for malone in houston, yesterday. charles barkley was among those paying their last respect. malone died last sunday of heart failure and he was 60 years old, and barkley remembered malone as somebody who put him at ease and maybe put him in his place. >> i said, mo, i am really struggling? what can i do? i said give me advice and tell me what is going on. he says to me, well, little
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fella, you are fat and you are lazy. >> moses malone was a hall of famer that helped to lead the 76ers to the nba title in 1983. now to decision 2016. donald trump waited two days to do it but finally spoke publicly about the latest controversy in his campaign. in iowa yesterday, the republican presidential frontrunner defended his decision not to correct a supporter at a recent town hall that incorrectly stated that president obama is muslim and not an american. >> it was the biggest story, and i even beat out the pope -- can you believe that? the only time i will ever beat out the pope. they wanted me to speak up in favor of the president. do you think he's going to speak up in favor of me? why do i think he's not? >> white house candidates from both sides blasted trump this weekend for not correcting the supporter's comments.
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you can hear more from the republican frontrunner in just about an hour from now, he will be sitting down with chuck todd on "meet the press," and ben carson and kasich, and it comes right here on nbc 10. good morning. changes on the way for us, and they already started. i am sure if you stepped outside you will notice it's a little cooler and wind speeds picking up due to a cold front moving through. patchy am fog starting to burn off already and the clouds will start to move out as well, and we will have your eagles forecast, i think you will enjoy it. mostly cloudy skies for philadelphia. 69 degrees. humidity decreased since this morning down to 57%, and winds sustained down to the north at 21 miles per hour and across the rest of the region, and we do expect to see more sunshine later. 65 degrees in pottstown, and 71
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in georgetown, and we have an even spread with our temperatures this morning as our wind direction is starting to shift moving out of the north. for the poconos, 59 degrees, and 70 degrees at the atlantic city airport. and temperatures in millville at 70 degrees. our 24-hour temperature change map shows temperatures similar to now, but in the poconos seven degrees cooler and seeing the cooler air filter in and that's going to lead to cooler temperatures versus what we saw yesterday, so our satellite radar shot, you can almost make out the cold front there and you can see the clouds and the isolated showers, and that's the cold front that is going to slide through our area and move offshore as we go through the rest of the day, and we will see cooler air coming out of the north, and breezy conditions and our wind speeds staying gusty due to the cold front moving through, and expect wind gusts around 20 or 25 miles per hour, even a little faster than that
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towards this evening. and in terms of your eagles football forecast kickoff at 4:25, amazing conditions. 77 degrees. and in the fourth quarter, 72, and that's nice tailgating and football weather. 76 in allentown. we'll reach a high of 79 in norris town. along the shoreline we are going to stay closer to high 70s, and we will see more sunshine head into your afternoon. 77 will be the high today. our temperatures will range between 74 and 79 becoming sunnier, and it's going to take a while to get rid of the clouds but we should see more sunshine. fall officially starts on wednesday. now is the time to gas up for an end-of-summer road trip. yeah, we're in the last week of summer, and you may want to do
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it because gas prices are going down and continue to go down. as usual the cheapest prices in the garden state. our camera found several gas stations charging less than 2 bucks for a gallon of gas, and in camden, a gallon goes for $1.79. i have two words for you. home opener. we are six hours out from kickoff. why this game is important to coach, chip kelly.
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i am john clark from comcast sportsnet. chip kelly has lost both his games against the cowboys at the linc, and the birds need a win because they do not want to start 0-2. here are the cowboys arriving yesterday afternoon, and dallas has won nine straight on the road and that's the longest streak in the nfl, and you have to throw in the cowboys rivalry. >> it shouldn't take much just to get hype for this game. everybody and their mama wish they could strayed places with us right now so they could play in this game. >> join us here on nbc 10 before and after the game for exclusive coverage. you can watch eagles game day
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kickoff today at 10:00, with zach ertz a zach ertz. and then the owls had a heck of a win at umass yesterday. they are kicking the extra point there, but it's blocked. they are within one now, and that clears the way for this. a 32-yard field gold by austin jones. temple wins, and they are 3-0 for the first time in five years. over 103,000 in happy valley last night. and the scarlet knights missing their suspended head coach and players. penn state with over 320 yards
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rushing, and penn state wins 28-3. villanova hosting delaware. john robertson leaves the game with a knee injury and will have an mri tomorrow and could miss time. and then the red shirt does his best robertson impression. nova wins 28-21. take a look at the game of the week for thursday, and that's a special date because of the pope's visit. you have south philly versus central, and bartram versus gratz. go to and cast your vote. and then the practices have been very intense with the new head coach, dave hakstol.
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>> i have a lot of faith in ron hakstol, and he has a lot of faith in hakstol. i think we're going to be a playoff this year. and then the phillies taking on the braves. seven scoreless innings, so nice job. and then freddy freeman, this is deep to left and darnell sweeney makes an effort but cannot make the catch, and that's a tough one, and phillies lose 2-1. eagles and cowboys, you can see a wrap-up of football on eagles game day final. there is your 7-day forecast. breezy conditions expected today. high is 77, and tomorrow cooler, and same thing on tuesday. we bring up back to the 80s on wednesday, the first day of fall. that's it for us this
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morning. "inside the eagles" is next. have a good one.
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. hey, everybody. here we are back in the locker room inside the eagles. here is what we have on the show today. >> you want the hat? >> yes. >> i always wrap around the importance of art and culture and it's the study that is not talked about a lot in school. >> i was outside, and he said coach, can i talk to you? i think you -- >> this boy is going to make it. >> every since then, i just took off from there. >> first,


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